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A native of Ontario, Canada, Richard Maddock has accompanied dancers for twenty five years, and has worked as a dance class and exam accompanist at numerous dance schools, including: Joyce Turley’s School of Dance; The Art of Dance; Dancespace; Swansea School of Dance, and The Randolph Academy. Mr. Maddock currently holds the position of Head Accompanist at The Pia Bouman School of Creative Movement and Ballet, in Toronto, Canada.

Last year Richard composed the entire music syllabus for Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 for a new dance syllabus entitled Living Dance, which was created by Beth Baudistel in Australia. Living Dance will soon be available to dance studios for purchase, and you may visit Beth’s website at www.livingdance.net.au.

In addition to his work as an accompanist, Richard’s performance experience also includes work as a keyboardist and vocalist for many Top 40 bands, including the “Relics” and “Off the Wall.” His work can also be heard on singer/songwriter Lorna Vallings’ CD “Confidential,” as well as on Herb Walsh’s CD “Hot Pies -- Man Next Door.”

Known for his tastefully skillful music arrangements, Richard’s work was heard in the Music Hall Cabaret show “Tribute to Marlene Dietrich” (Niagara Falls, Ontario), and in the touring production of the children’s play “Pinocchio,” which was performed in schools throughout Ontario.

Recipient of a New Talent Demo Award from FACTOR (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent On Record), Richard’s compositions have graced numerous television, dance and theatre productions in Canada, including: “Tragedy in the Torngats” (for an episode of CTV’s programme “W5”); “Blues in D-Lite” (Kennetha McArthur – Toronto Ballet Ensemble, at the Betty Oliphant Theatre); Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” (Isinglass Company, at the Ford Centre Studio Theatre); and the piece “On Stage,” for choreographer Kennetha McArthur (FIDA Fringe Festival). Known for the fresh and appealing nature of his compositions, Mr. Maddock’s songs “Stormy Blues” and “Jester’s Dance” were purchased by Doug Gillespie (Divine Entertainment).

A member of SOCAN/ASCAP (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada), Richard Maddock continues to write music inspired by dancers and vocalists. His most popular works for dance and creative movement have garnered the enthusiastic praise and loyal following of dancers all over the world, from Australia to Israel and Singapore, New Zealand, Portugal, Germany, Italy, South Africa, France, the Netherlands and Greece, as well as in his native Canada and in the United States.

Mr. Maddock's recent full-length CDs are well-known in the dance community, and include: "Music for Movement and Imaginations" (2009); “Ballet Studio Inspirations: Volume Three” (2009); “The Garden Within” (2009); "Ballet Studio Inspirations: Volume Two" (2008); As Creation Unfolds: Part Three (2008), "Ballet Studio Inspirations: Volume One" (2006); "As Creation Unfolds: Part One" (2006); "As Creation Unfolds: Part Two" (2006); "The Soul's Journey" (2002); "Visions of the Soul" (2000); and "Free Music for Ballet" (1997).

To purchase any of Richard’s recordings, or to inquire about possible composition projects, e-mail him at richard11_maddock@yahoo.ca. You may also order any of these CDs through PayPal with a credit card by visiting the Music Page on this website.





"I have worked with Richard as my class pianist for many years now and I am always impressed with these three most important aspects of his musicality:
- his understanding of the musical drive of a dance step or combination
- his understanding of the need of the dancer
- his understanding of the mood and expression of the music and his unique ability to "tell" the dancer how to feel.
These are special gifts in a class pianist as it makes for a great working relationship between the teacher and the musician.  Richard's ability to create music for the ballet class has been time proven.  I am so happy with Richard's new ballet CD.  It gives freshness and inspiration to dancer and teacher alike."
- Pia Bouman, Artistic Director - Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement  -  Ontario, Canada

"The cd's are AWESOME & the students are really enjoying the new class work I have set to your class music.  They are wonderful & very inspirational."
- Noeleyne Wilson  -  The Ballet School   -  Perth, West Australia


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